About us


We opened Hazelhurst in 1990. Our aim at the time was, and still is, to provide a first-class quality day care nursery. We strive to provide a happy, caring environment, believing that children will only develop their full potential if they are in a happy, caring and stimulating environment. We believe that children should enjoy their formative years without feeling that they are under pressure to become high achievers. Our first priority is therefore to ensure that these needs are met, and academic attainment ensues as a natural progression.


Children initially develop their physical and mental skills through play. Being in a nursery environment also helps in developing their social skills i.e. the ability to mix, relate and co-operate with their peers as well as with adults other than immediate family. Many would argue that this could well be the most important life skill of all.


We aim to give the child an enquiring mind and a balanced, well-adjusted outlook on life.