Pre School

(age range guide: approx. 36months - 5 years)


preschoolkidIn 'pre-school' children engage with a range of activities corresponding to Foundation Phase learning which will prepare them for school. At this point we recognise the children's need to develop in a relaxed and caring environment. Learning should be fun!


Ongoing themes relating to a wider understanding of the world are a backdrop to pre-school learning. The main focuses of the Foundation Phase (Personal and Social Well-being and Cultural Diversity; Physical Development; Creative Development; Language, Literacy and Communication Skills; Welsh Language Development; Mathematical Development; Knowledge & Understanding of the World) are teamed with our own educational topics. preschoolkids3

Computers are used as a teaching aid and the children are encouraged to become familiar with this, taking the first basic steps toward computer literacy.


Children will go into the formal school-environment benefitting from the social and educational skills that they will have acquired.